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Wildfowl: Press article
"Wildfowl in epic proportions" - The Shooting Gazette,
September 1999

"... Richard Robjent has done it again. Sporting Wildfowl of the British Isles is the latest collectable from a uniquely talented artist..." Read full article.

Wildfowl: Press comments

"... November 1st sees the launch of another mighty tome to thrust its leather-bound shoulders onto the tallest bookshelf to stand next to the giants of the past... The book is bursting with fine art... When it comes to production this book is second to none and a fit successor to the equally fine books which preceeded it..." Shooting Times

"... Just to stroke the pages and binding heft the weight speaks of pure quality; to sniff the fine leather and hand tooled work is to wallow in luxury, the paper is heavy and compliments the gravitas of the subject... It will be a treasure to keep in the family and hand down through the generations." Shooting Times

Pheasant: Press comments

"...This is the fifth and final volume of the most ambitious and luxurious sporting ornithology project of our times..." The Field

Partridge: Press comments

"... Illustrated and published by himself, Robjent's latest work is both a record of the bird's natural history and a testament to its role in British sporting life..." The Shooting Field

"... Richard Robjent has used his great talent to make this book very special. He has forged an unbeatable team with Kevin McKelvie... Both words and illustrations slikfully portray the bird's habits and habitats..." The Field

Grouse: Press comments

"... Few books of this quality are produced today and it is hard to think of any recent publication on natural history or sporting subjects that match up to those specifications... This book is, of course, an investment and will purchased for this reason as well as for the education it can impact..." The Scottish Sporting Gazette

"... Welcome to a book in the grand old style upon which no expense has been spared. Beautifully printed and bound, this study of Britain's four species of grouse is a modern collector's dream... Every few pages the reader stops to admire the delightfully drawn and reproduced colour plates, and, throughout the text, the sepia sketches recreate special memories in the most exquisite manner... This book is both a joy and an investment..."

Snipe: Press comments

"... When you hold one of these books in your hands, open it and turn over the pages, you cannot deny the unique quality of the publication..." The Shooting Life

"... These books which could not have been produced by one of the major publishers - the collaborators have clearly put so much of themselves into the project - they have an unmatched feel and affinity for the subject..." The Shooting Gazette

Woodcock: Press comments

"Full of ornothological facts and figures... Highly readable... Not one of the 24 plates in the book fails to delight the eye and give an intimate insight into the Woodcock's life. The sepia drawings are equally pleasing... The reproduction is faultless, in the finest tradition of sporting monographs..." Country Life

"... The work examines the bird, its lifestyle and fascination and is exquisitely illustrated... In years to come, it is sure to cause a stir in auction rooms... Imagination and variety are the hallmarks of the artist's work." The Country Times


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